Family Therapy

When working with your family, I recognize that I am working with a “unique group” made up of “unique individuals.”   For this reason I bring attention to the needs that each and everyone of you have as well as the group as a whole.  I focus on developing communication techniques(both, listening and speaking), firm but nurturing parenting skills, boundary setting, conflict resolution, and promote family enjoyment while decreasing stressors

  • Communication Issues
  • Setting Limits/Boundaries
  • The “Guilt” of Parenting
  • Expectations
  • Unruly Child/Children
  • Extended Families

Adoptive Families

I have extensive experience working with adoptive families and know that adopting a child can be an overwhelming process.  Then, after the adoption is complete, the transition to becoming a new  family carries its own challenges which can bring up anxiety, stress, and questions about ‘what do to next’ to you, your new child, and the rest of the family (if you have other children or have an involved extended family). 

When working with your family, I focus on the relationship between you and your child helping you understand your new child’s behaviors and responding to him/her appropriately, developing positive parenting techniques, and setting limits/boundaries.  At the same time, I work with your child in helping him/her transition into his/her new family, dispel questions that he/she might have about the adoption, the past, and insecurities and anxieties that might have formed prior to the adoption.

Separated Families

Together or apart, you will always be the parents to your children.  For this reason you need to hold a positive relationship.  I know that this is not an easy task in most instances, however, in my work I have seen it to be not impossible.  I help separated parents develop tools of communication designed for providing stability, continuity, support and strength to their children.  In our work, parents recognize that the job of parenting is one that they will have to do together (but separate) for a long time, and that much of the success of their children is directly related to how well they can manage their new family structure and extended families.  

Parenting Support

I believe that the power of a family needs to reside within the family.  I work with parents in helping them develop the tools to generate positive two way communication with their children, enhance their ability to set clear limits and boundaries, understand their children’s behaviors/actions, and respond appropriately to them.  When needed, I am also available to meet with your children in order to give them a forum to explore their experiences and process their emotions, and work with them toward developing their ability to communicate with their parents.

  • Enhance communication skills between parents and children
  • Develop tools to set clear limits and boundaries
  • Make use of rewards and consequences
  • Recognize the emotional needs of children and respond appropriately
  • Unravel parenting guilt and the difference between being a child's parent vs. a friend